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The reason why, our Software Systems, are the only ones in continuous use for over 15 years in hospitals  globally.

eHealth Product Landscape

We are a leading healthcare informatics company based out of Bangalore, India. Our software products cover all requirements within a healthcare system. We design, build and operate solutions, managing over 2000 Medical & Diagnostic Institutions across the world.

Our Focus Areas 

What's Our Story?

Founded in the year 1999, SRIT was amongst Deloitte Top 50 Fast Growing Technology Company in India with a very strong healthcare practice. Learn more about our journey.

Our Philosophy

SRIT has always been more than just a vendor. We are trusted partners who understand your dependencies and take over the entire responsibility of designing, building, and managing your Healthcare IT — enabling you to focus on Care Delivery

SRIT's Key Differentiators

Our Corporate Journey

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To enable a more focussed  and independent growth, SRIT Healthcare was spun off  from SRIT as a separate entity in 2018. SRIT is one of the earliest enterprise players in the healthcare IT space with an equally strong Telecom, MSP  and eGov SI practice. With the birth of SRIT Healthcare as a separate entity solely focused in eHealth, mHealth & HMIS, the company is poised to strategically align with an international organization in order to enter global markets rapidly.

SEI-CMM Level 5             SSE-CMM Level 5             ISO/IEC 27001:2013       |       ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011             ISO 9001:2015

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+91- 99000 58525


We have designed and deployed solutions for 250 - 1800 Bed Hospitals, for 1 to 150+ Hospital Chains, and 12-56 Module Stacks.


We are actively managing more than 200 Servers with over 20 Million Patient Data that is more than 65TB in size.


We have operated national networks in India (ex-Onconet), State and Country wide Data Centers and Disaster Recovery Networks.

Data Migration

We have successfully migrated 2 to 18 years of legacy data consisting Demographics, Clinical & Financial Data in more than 8 Healthcare Enterprises.


We have strong practices in Clinical, 

Population, Disease and Machine-Learning based Analytics.

Our Experience & Expertise

 Select Hospitals That Work on SRIT

Number of Hospitals & OPD Clinics in 20+ Countries.


Number of EMR Experiences, till date.

300 Million+

Number of Active Users - HIS, EMR, PACS, ERP, Portal and Mobile App, all put together.


Our Performance Dashboard

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